BioElectronics Corp. is focused on producing inexpensive, drug–free, anti-inflammatory medical devices and patches. The company’s wafer thin patches contain an embedded microchip and battery that deliver pulsed electromagnetic energy. BioElectronics markets and sells its products under the brand names ActiPatch™ and RecoveryRx™.

The dermal patch delivery system has created numerous new product opportunities for treating chronic and acute inflammatory conditions. The market potential is estimated at $10 billion, or 400 million incidents, worldwide. The value proposition of BioElectronics’ ActiPatch is the delivery of drug-free therapy that reduces pain and inflammation, while accelerating healing by 30% to 50%.

The company’s products have broad regulatory market clearance in many international countries for the relief of pain, swelling, and accelerated healing. BioElectronics’ strategy is to identify one strong distributor in a given country and give this distributor country-wide distribution rights in return for minimum yearly quotas. To date the Company has signed agreements with 20 countries.

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