BioMedical Technology Solutions Inc. is focused on providing innovative solutions for environmentally friendly disposal of biomedical waste. Located in Englewood, Colorado, the company sells and leases the patented Demolizer® II System. BMTS offers safer, more environmentally sound, biomedical waste treatment solutions for medical, dental and veterinary offices, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and other health care facilities.

The company’s technology is protected by existing patent and patents pending worldwide on the system and the collectors. Biomedical Technology Solutions is constantly researching and developing improvements to their technology and continue to protect their intellectual property enhancements with additional filings.

The company is dedicated to providing optimal economic and environmentally sound solutions to biomedical waste management. Deeply committed to continual improvement and refinement of its patented technologies, BMTS is also actively engaged in educational efforts and devoted to developing a novel waste reclamation program in support of a safer, healthier environment.

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