Capital City Energy Group, Inc. (CETG.OB) is a growing oil and natural gas company operating with three divisions. The company is focused on finding opportunities for growth through drilling, operating, well service companies, acquisitions and fund management. The company’s three operating subsidiaries are Avanti Energy Partners, Eastern Well Services, and Capital City Petroleum.

Avanti Energy Partners offers investors an opportunity to capitalize on the growing demand for precious commodities through Capital City Energy Funds and other direct participation programs. Avanti’s primary purpose is to establish and manage funds for investors. The company also works with other joint venture partners in energy properties to make intelligent risk-and-reward decisions while meeting high economic goals.

The Capital City Petroleum subsidiary manages the operations that occur in the post-production phase through the point of sale. Their focus is to utilize opportunities related to stranded reserves, transportation requirements and high grading of product to be delivered.

Capital City Energy derives their revenues through the ownership and operation of oil and natural gas properties, the management of energy funds, and the ownership of oil field service companies that provide drilling, well operating, and well completion services. The company is known for their success and strong ability to bring capital, management, and vital services to oil and natural gas operating companies.

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