CMG Holdings, Inc. is a full-service global marketing and communications, media and entertainment holding company, focusing on commercial rights, talent management and event management services. The company’s commercial rights division includes branding, consulting, endorsements, licensing, sponsorships and sales through creation of branding and image marketing tools to generate client brand recognition.

CMG’s talent management services includes management of personalities through full-service representation and individualized attention to their client’s business opportunities and engineering opportunities in packaging clients with corporate sponsors. The company’s extensive event management services include marquis hospitality, sponsorships, licensing, production and implementation of events.

Launched in 2008, CMG Holdings, Inc. was formed by a core group of executives who have held senior level positions with several of the most successful companies in the marketing and entertainment industry. The company’s mission is to create shareholder value by delivering innovative, value-added marketing communications and strategic consulting services to its clients. The company’s management team has demonstrable experience and expertise to expand CMG Holdings, Inc. into a global marketing and communications holding company.

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