GeoBio Energy, Inc., dba Plastics Conversion Technologies, Inc., is a recovery, cleaning, and plastics recycling company focused on constructing large scale, plastic recycling operations near automotive shredder locations nationwide to produce recycled commercial grade plastics. The company will use its patent pending and proprietary cleaning process to rehabilitate contaminated scrap plastics.

The company’s wholly owned subsidiary, EnviroPlastics Group, was founded for the purpose of capitalizing on a growing market to supply recycled commercial plastics to industries such as automotive and consumer products manufacturers. Their plastic recovery process is highly cost effective and efficient, promising to reduce the amount of Shredder Residue going to landfills.

The plastics recovered by EnviroPlastics Group are the company’s main source revenue. However, GeoBio Energy has identified multiple markets for the recovered plastics — markets that will utilize recycled plastic in the manufacture of various products and benefit from substantial savings over the cost of new plastic which is tied to the cost of oil. Significant demand in both domestic and international markets exists for cheaper, recycled materials.

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