Green Star Alternative Energy is an eco-energy company focused on changing the way energy is produced. The company recognizes that tomorrow’s bright future is dependent upon the appropriate actions of today. Green Star is developing projects worldwide to meet the need for clean, environmentally friendly methods of energy creation.

Currently, the company’s business involves the creation of renewable electricity from the power of wind. This pollution-free and infinitely sustainable form of energy does not use fuel or produce greenhouse gasses. With more than $71 billion of new investment and an overall growth rate of 15%, the renewable energy sector has the potential to grow into the next big industry.

Green Star is led by CEO Miodrag Andric who has accumulated a wealth of international business experience. For nearly a decade, he has been involved with the alternative energy sector and has an extensive background in renewable energy systems. Mr. Andric is fluent in the languages of Serbian, English, French, Italian, German, and Russian.

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