Founded in 2005, GWS Technologies, Inc. is a renewable energy technology company developing and marketing solar and wind-powered alternative energy products and solutions. Their name, GWS, stands for “GreenWindSolar”. They trade on the OTCBB and have their corporate headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona.

GWS Technologies Inc. has a growing line of solar and wind-powered products. These include handheld devices that can recharge an iPod to a backyard wind turbine for point-of-use alternative energy generation. GWS is working hard to build on their position as a leader in the emerging “microgeneration marketplace”. Microgeneration, or “micropower”, is the generation of zero or low-carbon electrical power by individuals, small businesses, and communities to meet their own needs.

The Company introduced their new website in 2008. The website is dedicated to the emerging microgeneration marketplace and includes an ecommerce store. Consumers can purchase renewable energy products, including portable solar and wind chargers that can recharge mobile phones, iPods, or USB interface digital products (MP3/MP4 players). They can also purchase PDAs and portable games consoles. The store also sells a line of Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWTs), which convert wind energy to electrical power for homes, small commercial buildings, boats, remote power, emergency power, and battery charging.

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