Hitor Group, Inc. is a publicly traded company focused on overseeing the operations of several business units.

The Hitor Petroleum business unit focuses on the oil industry, specializing in meeting the various needs of exploration, drilling, extraction, transport, storage and distribution. Hitor Petroleum supplies equipment, fixtures, machinery, parts, and services primarily to organizations, governments, and corporations involved in petroleum operations.

The Hitor Automotive business unit focuses on vehicles with a small carbon footprint such as electric buses, cars, motorbikes, etc. The business unit also offers diesel engine conversions to natural gas. Hitor Automotive is currently securing distribution agreements, with eventual focus on its own manufacturing facility in China.

Hitor, Inc. – Products Division / DBA Nano-Jet Corp. – focuses on environmentally friendly products, such as fuel atomization efficiency enhancement products, in addition to none-carbon footprint specialized custom built windmill turbines for electric generation.

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