Kender Energy Inc. is a development stage company with a key focus on solar energy. The company’s solar panel prototypes are currently being developed into a full-scale solar energy production system. Kender aims to provide clean, green energy at the world’s lowest energy prices.

Solar energy is increasingly becoming competitive with production costs having been divided by a factor of 10 in 30 years. It is estimated that between 2010 and 2015 solar energy will be cheaper than oil and nuclear. The company’s 5-year target is to have 8,000 devices in operation producing the equivalent power of 312MW.

Mr. Sean Kelly, CEO and founder of StockTargets Ltd, an investment banking firm, has accumulated expertise in managing early stage companies. In the past, Sean has worked, mostly as a financial analyst, for LODH & Cie, the well known Swiss Bank, Bank SCS Alliance, Bank Edmond de Rothschild’s and the brokerage firm SG Warburg.

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