Kore Nutrition, via wholly-owned subsidiary, ALL IN, is engaged in the non-alcoholic beverage space, with particular emphasis on supercharging energy drinks and fortified mineral waters under the ALL IN™ Energy brand. Formulations of premium, sugar-free products that are infused with herbs, vitamins and complex amino acids is at the heart of the company’s strategy to dominate this globally booming market.

These exciting products are manufactured by Beverage Science, widely known as a top-quality manufacturer, with broad marketing and distribution competencies. By making beverages which feature zero carbohydrates and under 10 calories, all of which are offered in delicious Acai Berry, Grape and Citrus flavors, the company is intelligently appealing to the widest possible range of consumers.

Great taste, a healthy profile and the capacity to deliver sustained focus and energy have made ALL IN products a hot ticket item already. The company has identified the surging Poker market, where the beverages are uniquely suited to the high-energy demand requirements of players (both professional and casual), as a key target.

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