The Lifespan Corporation was founded to develop and guide feasible, economically viable business projects to a profitable and timely conclusion. The company, through its technological expertise, joint venture relationships and strategic alliances, has positioned itself to become a leading provider of Internet based medical diagnostic and testing products.

Advanced Medical Devices, which has been in development for over 10 years, was acquired by Lifespan several years ago. The project is committed to becoming the leading provider of Internet based home medical information, testing, evaluation, and diagnostic products utilizing Internet access devices in partnership with the medical community. With the recent developments in technology and U.S. Healthcare, the project is now ready for launch.

The company’s medical evaluation system and products provide a broad array of alternatives to those who could not otherwise obtain crucial testing and immediate evaluation of their medical condition. The integrated system will provide solutions to the problems plaguing healthcare providers and insurers by significantly decreasing the cost of quality healthcare; increasing the quality of healthcare; and providing an efficient and user friendly mechanism by which physicians can monitor a large number of patients in a timely and cost efficient manner.

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