Founded in 1995, L&L International Holdings, Inc. is in the coal business. The company leverages the strong coal demand in China for success. L&L’s operation currently consists of about 1,000 employees with marketing offices at Seattle, Hong Kong and Shenzhen, operating staff in Liuzhou, a wholesale coal company in Kunming and operating mines in Yunnan province.

The company continues to acquire controlling interest in profitable coal related entities in China using its US public trading prestige and China in-country network. L&L has focused on improving mining standards and adding green elements to make the company even more competitive. Working with its global partners and arbitraging on China’s coal pricing advantage, L&L believes it is positioned to grow.

China is the world’s largest consumer of coal resources, with annual consumption accounting for almost one third of the planet’s coal use. Reserves in the country are plentiful, but China needs improving management skills to increase the amount of coal extracted from the ground. With the Chinese economy growing about 10% annually, demand for coal and other energy sources is outstripping supply.

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