Octus Energy is a smart energy management company focused on transforming the energy industry. The company develops, markets and sells energy-efficient lighting and cooling solutions that enable public sector and private organizations to reduce their energy use. Their solutions are delivered through OctusSEP, a turnkey energy savings and demand response management program, and proprietary energy-efficiency products.

The OctusSEP system will include a combination of proprietary and best-in-class intelligent energy-efficient lighting, cooling and automation products as well as a smart, Web-based energy management communication platform to control, monitor and verify energy usage and savings. The company will offer project financing for customers through Octus’s Energy Savings as a Service program.

Octus is managed by a team of proven, entrepreneurial executives, and is supported by a world-class group of strategic partners and industry and professional advisors. Leveraging an established ecosystem of strategic partners and industry-leading advisors, the company is well positioned to bring market-ready energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions to the commercial and public sector markets.

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