Safeguard Security Holdings is a fully integrated sole-source security solutions provider focused on offering a suite of physical and electronic security services through its operating subsidiaries. Through these subsidiaries, the company provides corporate and government clients with a broad array of security services ranging from highly-trained armed and unarmed guards to the design, installation and maintenance of sophisticated digital security systems.

The company’s team of professionals has proven their expertise by successfully deploying some of the most significant security projects in the United States. Unmatched in the industry and dedicated to providing excellence in leadership, innovation, knowledge and application, the senior team of security professionals offer the best value in the security industry.

Safeguard continues to build its business with quality clients that recognize best value practices. These ongoing contracts enhance the company’s presence in the marketplace and are synergistic with the overall business plan. Emerging as a new market leader in the security industry, Safeguard is integrating technical systems and security personnel under one security solution.

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