Sionix is focused on developing new concepts in dissolved air flotation (DAF) technology for drinking water and wastewater treatment systems. Evolving peripheral and new products and processes in the application process, Sionix systems remove more than 99.5% of particles in water and can filter down to 1 micron.

The company’s solutions produce clean, potable water while eliminating or greatly reducing THM’s. Sionix distinctively focuses on removal of all parasitic, organic and other suspended particles rather than disinfection of same, resulting in clear, pure water with no odor or taste.

According to EPA reports, 50,000 communities in the United States are currently in violation of the Safe Drinking Water Act. These numbers are expected to increase as more stringent EPA rules become effective. Sionix is able to bring any water treatment facility into compliance. The system can either be added as a pre-filter, or as a stand-alone system.

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