Solutions Group, Inc., an international engineering firm, provides cost-cutting solutions for Fortune 500 Companies through Bulk-Outsourcing Solutions and Product Development Engineering. The company was founded by industry leaders who drew from their executive experience in top domestic and international engineering and contract manufacturing firms to develop a unique solution to address current market needs.

Technology companies are always looking for additional ways to cut development costs, while maintaining the quality and control that has brought their success. Building on successes learned from the contract manufacturing world, Solutions Group offers its partners a solution that is more effective at achieving these goals than traditional offshoring.

By leveraging its global infrastructure and expertise utilizing a hybrid of local outsource management and wholly owned off-shore engineering centers, Solutions Group has been able to achieve rapid growth during the economic downturn. Solutions Group supports a variety of market sectors, including: Semi-Conductor, Cellular, Networking, Medical, Military/Aerospace, Industrial and commercial electronics.

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