South Shore Resources Inc. is focused on the manufacturing, marketing, sales and distribution of fuel-saving products. The company targets transportation and automotive manufacturing industries that are either in development or in the commercialization stages.

Even today’s internal combustion engines are inefficient at converting gas into movement. Industry experts have estimated that as much as 15% – 20% of the gasoline in a typical vehicle is converted to pollution and carbon deposits (unburned fuel).

The company’s HyProStar Hybrid Conversion Kit promises to use proven technology to increase mileage and significantly reduce fuel costs. On most vehicles, HyProStar improves fuel economy up to 25% or more. The HyProStar system is capable of being installed on any vehicle, regardless of make or model.

HyProStar works by using a little electricity from a car battery to extract hydrogen from water. The hydrogen mixes with oxygen via the intake manifold and acts as a combustion enhancement for a better, more complete burn of fuel, resulting in lower emissions, greatly improved mileage and more power.

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