Vidaroo Corp. is an emerging leader in integrated digital media and technology solutions, with vast expertise in marketing, content creation, post-production, which is structured around one driving central premise held dear by both the Board of Directors and executive management, as well as its entire staff: sustainable profitability.

An intuitive yet robust online video platform for managing and delivering content, the Company’s sophisticated Digital Video Publisher enables users to extend existing sites into web-based TV networks. With easily embeddable channels and video, users can reach massive new markets through viral promotion and organic information seeding on social networking sites.

With tight 3rd party integration for overlay and in-stream video, Vidaroo can offer a fully integrated advertising solution with adaptive campaign scheduling capability and banner group building that is as simple as uploading the banner. Simple drag and drop functionality in the media browser allows users to quickly sort and schedule multiple videos and add them to a channel; complete cataloging and asset management is also bundled right in.

Vidaroo is not just an online video network reaching over 10M people a month, helping clients and partners to reach their target demographics as well as new users through over 200 highly-trafficked sites – the Company is also a world-class production shop able to fill gaps in a client’s in-house pipeline or handle entire projects from start to finish. A case in point would be the Sprite Green campaign for Coca-Cola, which tied-in Lebron James with the release of his film “More Than a Game”.

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