Wind Works Power Corp. is on a mission to become a leading developer of wind energy projects in North America. To facilitate this business plan, WWPW has entered into a joint venture agreement and option agreement with Zero Emission People LLC, (“Zero Emission”) an entity controlled by Dr. Ingo Stuckmann, WWPW’s chief executive officer.

Zero Emission has been developing wind parks for more than 15 years through their parent company, Seeba Energy Farming Gmbh in Germany. Zero Emission owns wind energy projects in Canada, the United States and throughout Europe. Wind Works hopes to capitalize on the expertise and strategic alliances that Zero Emissions has forged to date.

Wind Works Power Corp.’s projects include the Grey Highlands Wind Park, the Snowy Ridge Wind Park, the Skyway 126 Wind Park, the Polar Bear Wind Park, and the Pleasant Bay Wind Park in Ontario; in addition to the Settlers Landing Wind Park, Zorra Wind Park, Clean Breeze Wind Park, and Whispering Woods Wind Park. In the United States, Wind Works Power Corp. has their Grand Prairie Wind Park in Illinois and their Baker Wind Park in Montana.

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