Zenergy International, Inc., a global biofuel solutions provider, specializes in delivering biofuels at a competitive price, while focusing on sustainable resources, safe practices, and compliance with all environmental laws. Striving to minimize overall environmental impact, Zenergy is engaged in the development and acquisition of biofuel sites, including constructing, acquiring existing facilities and operating fuel-grade biodiesel and ethanol plants.

Zenergy is committed to capitalizing on the continued growing demand for global biofuels. The company aims to produce ethanol and other chemicals by using sugarcane, sorghum and bio-waste as the raw materials. It also intends to produce biodiesel by using low cost vegetable oils. Furthermore, Zenergy offers consulting services to large-capitalized companies such as BP, Chevron, Citgo, Exxon, Shell and Sunoco.

The biofuel industry’s growth is fueled by the increasing concern over global warming and an increasingly contaminated environment – in addition to the security of mineral fuel supplies. Zenergy intends to emerge as a solution provider to meet the developing demands of an environmentally changing society, providing profitable ethanol, biodiesel and next generation biofuels.

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