In his recent audio interview with SmallCapVoice, Alex Hbaiu, the founder and CEO of True 2 Beauty, indicated that the company is expecting big production and revenue shifts in 2011. The previous year was already significant. In 2010, True 2 Beauty went public, in addition to making significant gains in market share. The company, a producer of nature-based sexual enhancement products, also gained some major chains for distribution, which should soon be finalized.

According to Hbaiu, 2011 will see a critical operational improvement in the company as operations are consolidated into a large new facility in City Of Commerce, California. The company is also planning to expand its product lines, for increased market flexibility, and will be introducing direct-to-consumer distribution, which will generate new revenues with far better margins. As part of the new distribution plan, True 2 Beauty is implementing a major new marketing campaign and is already in talks with several top-line celebrities.

Another important development for 2011 will be a huge scale-up in production, as the company installs two new 10-line packaging machines. The increased capacity will, among other things, allow the company to catch up to its sales, which have exceeded supply. In the second quarter of 2011, they will add yet another of the machines, for further expansion and to provide a backup. The advanced production equipment is especially important since True 2 Beauty has proprietary, difficult to copy packaging that is a big part of the product; packaging that the company is intent on protecting.

Hbaiu went on to talk about the history of True 2 Beauty, and his own background, including his education in biochemistry and his work with Eli Lily. He also described the wide-open international market for such products, and hinted at the company’s overseas plans.

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