In a recent audio interview with SmallCapVoice’s Jeff Mak, President of Zentric Inc. provided a summary of the technology that Zentric is based upon and where the company is going with it. In particular, it gave an idea of some of the markets in which Zentric’s revolutionary battery technology could find its greatest demand.

Zentric, headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, is focused on the development of advanced batteries, and has acquired exclusive rights to a high-voltage dual-electrolyte battery technology developed over a period of 10 years at the University of Hong Kong. The technology, patented in 2008, is used to create a battery that offers a very high power to weight ratio, similar to a lithium ion battery, but at a lower cost. The unique combination of high energy density and low cost is clearly a significant breakthrough in a world increasingly demanding improved electricity storage options.

Although one obvious application being considered is the growing market for electric and hybrid vehicles, Jeff pointed out that the biggest market for battery technology is industrial storage, for use in such areas as computer centers, cell phone towers, and general power backup applications. In addition, the growing field of green energy generation, such as solar power systems, offers another important opportunity for the application of advanced electrical storage solutions.

The upcoming year is a big one for Zentric, with a major focus on a new battery production facility to be built in China as part of a joint venture agreement. The company also plans to introduce additional battery designs.

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