We have seen children making paper planes and throwing them as high as they could.

Now, British space enthusiasts have taken that concept to next level by sending a paper plane in to the space that took stunning pictures on its way back to earth.

Amateur space explorers Steve Daniels, Lester Haines and John Oates have designed the plane, which has a wing span of three feet and made of paper straws.

The plane was launched on Oct.28 from Spain using just a large helium balloon.

The plane took 90 minutes to touch 90,000 feet. After that the balloon exploded and the plane glided down, taking snaps as it descended by using a mini camera. The team tracked the plane using a GPS navigation system until it landed in woodland 100 miles away.

Interestingly, the plane was largely unaffected even as it came down from a height of 90,000 feet expect for a hole in a wing.

The project named as Paper Aircraft Released Into Space (PARIS) had cost 8,000 pounds ($12,893), according to the Daily Mail.

The trio had come up with the idea after they were inspired by a project last year to send a lump of cheese into space.

Somebody launched a bit of cheese out of a balloon, which we thought was a bit stupid. We thought we could do something more technical than that, the Daily Mail quoted him as saying.