With locations in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Edmonton, Alberta, Smart Kids Group has quickly evolved into a global provider of children’s digital education and entertainment. Today, Smart Kids Group took a major step towards prominence with the announcement they have launched the first stage of its social media website.

The site has been developed with Anethum Corporation (www.anethum-corp.net). Anethum is led by Information Technology veteran Eric von Stackelberg and is a leader in the field. With the guidance of Anethum, Smart Kids Group launched the first stage of its social media website in a limited access for adults only for the purpose of review and comment.

Leading the way at Smart Kids Group is Richard Shergold who serves as the CEO of the company. Commenting on the launch of the social media website, Shergold was quoted as saying, “We have been energized with the initial phase that Anethum Corp has taken in the development of the community site. This is the start of a secure, private social networking media site that will form the Smart Kids Community, a unique Edutainment offering the combination of what we call the five elements of education, safety, health, fitness and edutainment. Like all social networks, our community will gain value as it aids, educates and entertains community members in meeting, interacting, encouraging each other and their collaborative activities in a safe, private and secure environment.”

Currently, Smart Kids Group is trading in the $0.0012 range. With this breaking news and an array of products set for television, DVD and retail, this young company is well positioned for greater success.

To learn more about the company as a whole, visit the company website at: www.smartkidsgroup.com