One company that has started to establish themselves is the Sante Fe, New Mexico-based Smart Kids Group. With their catchphrase “Catch the Buzz!”, Smart Kids Group is a cutting-edge company that develops, distributes and licenses quality children’s character based Edutainment products through a variety of media which includes television, video, retail and the Internet. Today, Smart Kids Group took a major step towards enhancing their future with the announcement they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Children’s Educational Network, Inc.

The MOU will expand the distribution and accelerate the growth of Smart Kids Group. The company is seeking cross licensing and a possible strategic merger/acquisition with the Children’s Educational Network (CEN).

CEN is a renowned software company that has developed and is marketing a safe platform of Internet products that allows children to accelerate their education and entertainment while providing protection from hate, violence and online predators. CEN has accomplished this feat with the TUKI browser which has evolved as the face of their company. The TUKI browser is a cartoon interfaced kid safe browser which helps to provide an extra layer of protection so that children can enjoy the online experience.

Greg Writer, who serves as the CEO of Children’s Educational Network, commented, “The combination of our Internet platform and Smart Kids TV production capabilities will give us the ability to significantly accelerate the branding and distribution of our products.”

Leading the way at Smart Kids Group is Andy Ruppanner. A proven leader in his field, Ruppanner spoke of the future of Smart Kids Group and the affect of the MOU with CEN, “Having closed deals with multi billion dollar corporations like DreamWorks and Time Ventures is proof that their technology platform has incredible upside and would be a great addition to our business model. Plus we are very excited to add CEN’s patented rewards engine to our education agenda and the idea we can offer a complete parental controls kid safe browser with the Smart Kids Brand.”

Currently, Smart Kids Group is trading in the $0.30 range. With the MOU in place with CEN, a proven leader such as Andy Ruppanner at the helm and a growing customer-base, investors may soon “Catch the Buzz!” about Smart Kids Network.

To learn more about the Smart Kids Network, please visit or e-mail the company at: and you’ll see why people are beginning to talk about this up-and-coming company.

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