Located in Calgary, Alberta, Smart Technologies has quickly built a name for themselves as a leading provider of collaboration solutions that transform the educational and business worlds. Today, Smart Technologies took a major step towards prominence when they announced that Dr. Keith Lantz has been appointed to the newly created position of Vice President of SMART Labs.

Dr. Lantz has been consulting with SMART since March of this year and brings a wealth of experience and credibility to the position. Known as a pioneering technologies and entrepreneurial businessman, Lantz has over 35 years in the sector and has an extensive skill set around innovation in distributed systems, user interfaces, and unified communications.

When asked for comment, Dr. Lantz was quoted as saying, “I have been following the success of SMART for several years and am very pleased to be part of this innovative and dynamic company. I look forward to working with a dedicated team of innovators and making a significant contribution to SMART’s new product vision.”

Leading the way at SMART is Nancy Knowlton who serves as the corporation’s CEO. Knowlton stated, “Keith brings a great combination of technology insight and strong management abilities to SMART. His extensive skill set and demonstrated commitment to innovation make him an ideal fit for this important role at SMART.”

To learn more about SMART Technologies, visit the company website at: www.smarttech.com