Designers have looked to Apple for cool inspiration in Smartphone development since the launch of the original iPhone.  With numerous speculations around the upcoming iPhone 5, many are anxiously awaiting for each and every image leak on Apple's latest design. 

New technology concepts have been introduced through iPhones and Android smartphones.  Features included voice search, paying at checkouts with NFC engineering, syncing data through the cloud, displays on curved glass touchscreens, playing 3D games, controlling your tv, and more.  Many of these existing technologies today were just ideas not too long ago.  Now new concepts are emerging for future smartphones as designers showcase their take on the next generation revolutionary mobile devices. 

Take designer Seunghan Song's weather phone concept as an example.  The phone displays on a clear transparent screen which reports on weather conditions.  Users can also enable the handwriting mode by blowing on the screen to create a layer of digital frost where they can write with their fingers and dial phone numbers.

Aleksandr Mukomelov designed a very mobile phone which is light, thin, and slim utilizing mobile script technology.  The phone can expand its physical touchscreen which is collapsible and can be slid back into the phone case for portability.

Designer Richard Clarkson designed a Smartphone which combines modern day technology with the classic rotary dial design.  The back contains a digital touchscreen while the front holds a mechanical dial which can be physically rotated to dial numbers.    

Je Hyun Kim's phone design is truly environmentally friendly.  The grass phone is made out of bricks of sod which is integrated with a degradable keyboard.  The concept is to reduce waste with a natural biodegradable product where users can easily dispose of it after a 2 year phone contract expires. 

Another environmentally friendly design comes from Mikhali Stawsky.  The phone does not require batteries, solar energy, or windup to charge.  With its design, a user simply spins the phone around their finger to recharge the phone.  It encourages some finger exercising before using the touchscreen to make calls. 

Try on this flexible phone which could double as a fashion accessory.  Designed by the IDEA group, the phone was meant to be used as a disposable prepaid phone in emergency situations.  The phone is very portable and with its flexibility, you can wrap it on your wrist. 

If you're looking to satisfy your phone design craving until the iPhone 5 launch, check out these futuristic and way cool design concepts photos.