Smartphones and their new tablet cousins are changing the way people connect with the world around them. They are immediately enhancing the way people perform traditional phone tasks such as talk and text, however the added functionality of the phones have shifted user behavior considerably in terms of internet use. Mobile search and app use is on the rise increasing every month making the optimization of a business' web presence for the mobile web that much more important. This is only further strengthened by the news out this week that smartphone adoption has reached the 50% mark, signifying an important milestone in the mobile market and continued opportunity for mobile SEO.

According to Nielsen, the number of smartphone users was 49.7% in February and this past month, that remaining three tenths of a percent was cleared. Nielsen's research also shows that over two-thirds of new cellular phones that were bought in the past three months were indeed smartphones, suggesting the purchasing of smartphones is accelerating. Accordingly, it is predicted that 70% of cell phones will be smartphones by the end of 2013. In terms of operating systems, 48% of smartphone users own an Android device, 32% of smartphone users own an iPhone, and 12% own a BlackBerry. Looking ahead, Microsoft's Windows Phone will gain attention next year and is expected to secure a small portion of the market share.         

Alongside the rise in smartphone use is the increasingly relevant behaviors of smartphone users, particularly their search behavior. In a recent global Google survey, 99% of smartphone-using respondents indicated they search the web on their smartphones. Thus, there continues to be great potential for SEO companies to assist businesses with their rank in search engine results. SEO companies can work to optimize for specific keywords that can drive more targeted traffic through the search engines to get them greater exposure and growth business.

Companies that target local markets have potentially the most to benefit from mobile searching because a favorite search behavior among smartphone users is to search for local information. Businesses that are optimized for this mobile local searching can achieve great exposure on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). In the end, they effectively funnel this traffic to their web properties.

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