Fine Jewelry: I was overjoyed when I first caught sight of these wonderful quartz bangles. Bold and chic, they really stand out and their quality is remarkable. What a marvelous and stylish accessory to wear from casual to evening!

The bangles are handmade in a Brazilian lapidary shop that creates masterpiece gems using generations old tools and equipment. The skills employed at the shop have been passed down to produce not only master craftsman but also distinguished design and style in each piece.

The shop owner purchases rough quartz from small miners throughout Brazil. Occasionally, he comes upon certain rough stones exuding exceptional qualities: continuous and consistent color throughout and very few imperfections. Only large rough with these special qualities can be used to create premium luxury pieces like these bangles.

He begins by contouring the quartz into an outline of the bangle. This meticulous process may take three to four days. Next he adds facets to the center frame and works outwards, being ever so careful not go against the grain of the quartz as it is likely to shatter. Overall this process takes him a few weeks.The result is truly wearable art - hand faceted, continuous quartz bangles.

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