Chanel's creative director, Karl Lagerfeld, has released the much-awaited mini-silent film My New Friend Boy, featuring punk model Alice Dellal.

The campaign is regarded as the perfect blend of Chanel glamour and the model rocker's fashion sense. In fact, the campaign showcases Dellal featuring sporty dreadlocks and her trademark leather and ripped tights.

The release of the short film was to promote the launch of their new Boy handbag collection.

According to Haute Living, the new line of Chanel handbags is based on a hunting cartridge style originally carried by Coco Chanel herself. The Chanel Boy bags are made to embody the androgynous charm the designer was known for.

Designer Coco Chanel revolutionised the fashion world as she experimented and played with the androgynous look for women.

The early twentieth century designer's propensity towards androgynous style is aptly summed up in the biopic Coco Before Chanel, when her lover, Arthur Capel, teases her: I'm not used to undressing boys.

The realms of masculinity from which she drew her inspiration reportedly included Officer Etienne Balsan's wardrobe, which she frequently raided, altering his suits for her own apparel.

Her preference for androgynous styles reflected not merely her rejection of the Victorian excessiveness but was a statement of independence in itself. For a woman who never married and who founded her own company, dressing like a man was a means of expressing how she could be successful without a husband.

Ultra-modern, refined and mysterious, Alice Dellal is the latest in the line of Chanel muses, each boasting their own inimitable allure.

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