It seems The Devil is disappointed with Joe Paterno and his role in the unfolding Penn State scandal.

Saturday Night Live cast member Jason Sudeikis once again played The Devil, who hasn't been keeping up with the current affairs of the world. Obviously unaware of the legal woes facing former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky, The Devil, who thought Penn State was facing heat from a recruiting scandal, appeared on Weekend Update where he told host Seth Meyers that he never thought there would have ever been a recruiting scandal at the university.

So what was it ticket for tattoos, quarterback and a Ferrari? The Devil asked.

Meyers then whispered to The Devil, about the sex abuse scandal and what really was happening at Penn State and The Devil became offended.

Shut up! The Devil said. No.

You seem upset, Meyers said.

Well of course I'm upset, Seth, The Devil responded. I'm the prince of darkness but I'm not a monster. This is awful. I'm sorry about my reaction but this is the first I've heard of it.

When asked where he got his news, The Devil responded: I follow Kutcher on Twitter.

Also unaware that head coach Paterno knew of the incident, but did nothing about it, The Devil told Meyers that he felt bad for Paterno because the football coach had evil in his midst and didn't know about it.

Meyers then told The Devil that the abuse was reported to Paterno. The Devil then assumed Paterno reported the incident to the police bit found out that the 84-year-old head coach didn't do that.

Come on. Are you serious? The Devil asked. Joe Pa, a cover up? This is college football not the Catholic church.

Penn State has been in the public eye for the past couple of weeks after Sandusky was arrested and charged on suspicion of 40 counts of child sex abuse for allegedly molesting eight young boys. Paterno was fired as a result of the incident and president Graham Spanier also lost his job.

Watch the funny unfold below: