Snooki is pregnant? That is what a new report in Star magazine says.

FOX News reported that a new article in Star magazine claims the Jersey Shore star is pregnant. The source claimed that Snooki, also known as Nicole Polizzi, is pregnant with her first child with boyfriend Jionni LaValle.  

She is pregnant and has only told her closest friends and some family, an insider said. Adding that Snooki, 24, has been hinting that she has a big announcement coming.

A recent Twitter post did not downplay the rumors. I feel sick, she wrote on Jan. 25. Late night craving...yogurt hits the fricken spot ! Mmmmmm, she tweeted later on. She then later posted a comment about her relationship with LaValle. I'm still waiting for that ring, I swear to God, Snooki posted on Twitter. I've been telling him this for months now!

However, Snooki denied the rumors herself. In an interview with The Opie & Anthony Show Wednesday morning to shoot down the claims. Does that mean they're calling me fat? she asked. She said that the tabloid spreading the baby rumor is akin to the bullies she faced in high school. Snooki's rep denied the rumors to E! News as well. 

Apparently, her big announcement was the furthest thing from a child. Talks of a Snooki and JWoww spin-off show were heard Wednesday. The two were set to go to Hoboken, NJ; but the mayor denied their permit. 

The pint-sized star has made a slew of headlines as of late, due to her drastic weight loss. She now weighs just 98-pounds and flaunts her new figure in a commercial for Zantrex-3, the supplement she claims helped her drop the pounds.

Snooki tweeted a link to a sneak-peek clip of her new Zantrex commercial, writing OMG tweedos!! Check out a SNEAK PEAK of my new video, so much fun dancing around and love the big hair RAWR.

In the commercial, the Jersey Shore star shimmies and shakes in a strapless mini dress, showing off her toned legs and thin arms. Snooki, who has been tweeting about her weight loss ever since she began shedding the pounds, has made the public well-aware of the fact that Zantrex is to thank for her new figure.

The Zantrex-3 pill contains yerba mate, green tea, guarana and caffeine. The reality diva has said that it gives her energy to work-out at the gym. However, many health specialists have criticized Snooki for promoting a quick fix.