Snooki's ex seems to be really anxious about her pregnancy and engagement with her current boyfriend Jionni LaValle.

First, he was rooting for Snooki's miscarriage and later doubting and speculating about the prospective father of her impending baby.

Masella also passed some uncouth statements about the reality star in an interview with TMZ and ultimately got himself in the soup as her lawyer issued him a legal notice last week.

Now that he is legally restricted to make any public statements regarding Polizzi, he took it to Twitter to let go of his frustration.

Well, the to-be-father of Snooki's baby and fiancé Jionni LaValle happily tweeted the news saying, Thank You everyone!! Sorry about that wait but glad everyones happy!! Nicole and I are real excited!! Our baby is going to be #ShortnTan.

To this Emilio Masella responded: 1) Let's hope it's beautiful and healthy. 2) lets hope it's yours. #YourAPhony&YouKnowIt #KarmaWillGetYou, WetPaint reported.

It has now resulted into a Twitter war and hateful argument between the two men in Snooki's life.

As expected, Jionni shot back in reply to Masella, saying, For All u jealous, disrespectful haters out there, u see what u wana see on tv! My fiancé and I n JR are going to be so happy! #youllgeturs.

The indirect argument soon went on to personal level from both the sides. Well, it's quite obvious that the green-eyed ex who was dumped by the Jersey Shore star is disturbed with the news of her pregnancy.

When Jionni accused him of being jealous, Masella retorted: jealousy! Is taking your girls phone. Some1 is a little insecure. Guess u & I are only ones who know how she really feels ;), a celebrity gossip site reported.

You make no sense an act like ur in 6th grade with your insecurities. What kind of man stays with a woman whose CHEATED on him, he droned on.

For the record, I know Nicole will be an amazing mother,I simply meant it wasn't right time nor person.I wish her the best & a healthy child, Masella tweeted later.

Masella, who also foresees Snooki marrying Jionni after the child birth, said that she would pull a Kim Kardashian by having the baby and break up with him right after, in an interview.

He even accused her of allegedly having intimate relations with her Jersey Shore co-star Vinny Guadagnino. Vinny could easily be the father, he said.

Check out pregnant star's mini baby bump visible from her brown zip jacket as she stepped out in the streets of Jersey City.