Jersey Shore star Snooki has been spotted sporting a sexy, slender new figure that is reportedly now between 98 and 102 pounds following a dramatic weight loss last year. Now the pint-size guidette is going for something more: She wants a boob job and marriage and has looked at a $500,000 ring.

Snooki, whose real name is Nicole Polizzi, made it clear some 10 days before Christmas that she wanted to have boobs like her best friend JWoww.

All I want for Christmas is big knockers like @JENNIWOWW. Thanks Santa, Snooki tweeted.

And Snooki, who plans to have only 98 pounds on her 4 feet 9 inches frame, plans to enhance her chest really soon.

Very soon. Very soon, Snooki told E! Online on Jan. 3 when she stopped by E! with JWoww to promote the fifth-season premiere of MTV's Jersey Shore on Thursday. I hope in the next couple of months.

The 24-year-old reality TV star has been hitting the gym for months in order to stay fit and toned. The Poughkeepsie princess has also credited her weight loss to lots of cardio, calorie cutting and a diet pill known as Zantrex-3.

The star also told People that she is working with a trainer and has tried dance classes such as Zumba. In addition to cutting calories and keeping on the move, Snooki also said she keeps a healthy diet that consists of eating egg whites in the morning and chicken and salads.

The star who has also cut down on her drinking has said that if you do drink, it's gotta be clear liquors.

Snooki has been making headlines for the past couple of weeks because of her weight loss success. She once told the Daily Mail that she was tired of celebrity blogs talking about the size of her body. However, Snooki said she didn't lose weight for them, I did it for me.

And fans have taken so much notice Yahoo TV reported that searches in December for snooki weight loss increased 970 percent. It was the same for snooki skinny and snooki 98 pounds, which Yahoo TV said tipped the scales with 200,000 percent increase in lookups.

Two-year deadline for marriage proposal

With a successful career, a banging body and brains what more could Snooki ask for? Marriage. And she wants a proposal by age 26.

She is in a serious relationship with boyfriend Jionni Lavelle who has said she has tried on a $500,000 ring. They have been dating for more than a year and Snooki said she is ready to settle down.

Jionni made me take it off, Snooki said, as reported by Yahoo. He was like, 'Don't even think about it.' It was like this big and sparkly and amazing ring. I just want a big one.

And if Lavelle doesn't propose in two years he better get ready because Snooki has admitted that she is the kind of girl who will pop the question.

If he doesn't ask me I am asking him, she told Jay Leno on Tuesday.

Watch Snooki discuss her marriage plans on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno on Tuesday night:

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