So Act Network, Inc. is the developer of So Act, the global social media platform network that merges economic and socially conscious goals in an environment where users are not plagued by spam, ads and exposing personal information to marketers.

The Company announced today an agreement signed with Cutter & Company, the Ballwin, Missouri-based life and health insurance provider, to expand its insurance business onto the So Act platform, effectively creating the first Social Insurance Network.

Endorsed by influential celebrities like William Shatner, whose heartfelt video testimony can be viewed at the Company’s website as “a ray of hope”, that brings like-minded people together to discuss and solve universal problems, SOAN’s cutting-edge communication platform boasts all of the advantages of top social networking sites, but in a sophisticated and secure framework.

The ability to cross global boundaries, have unlimited members participate in online meetings, get search results with a true “top 10” filtered and ad-free search engine, while streamlining press releases and important news so people can follow their favorite issues and people, makes So Act a revolutionary continuum for building communities of purpose within a truly modern environment.

President of Cutter & Company William Meyer noted that many of the most important decisions consumers make in their lifetimes involves insurance products, and pointed out how complex and complicated these products have become, saying of So Act’s personalized platform that it allows Cutter “the opportunity to be more hands-on with a wider audience of conscious consumers seeking greater understanding and the ability to make more well-informed choices”.

The 5-year agreement with one year exclusive delineates So Act’s integration of Cutter’s business presence within the network, and finder’s fees will awarded in fixed amounts on the basis of each new customer who purchases insurance products from the following four categories:

• Permanent Insurance, $1,000 (finder’s fee)
• Term Insurance, $100
• Group Insurance for a minimum of 20 employees, $500
• Group Insurance for fewer than 20, $200

President of SOAN Greg Halpern hailed this as a “unique opportunity to leverage” the Company’s technology to solidify Cutter’s business presence online and increase “interest in its insurance products”.

Halpern was quick to observe that Cutter was the most people-friendly insurance company SOAN knows of, offering “real value to people who need sophisticated help”, and projected that the relationship between the two companies would prove financially beneficial to both as Cutter’s online presence grows within the So Act network.