Social media has been used to promote brands and their products and services for some time now, but the trend of cross-promotion is now on the rise, as well. As the Internet becomes more popular, it is now being considered more of a mainstream media platform than it is has in past years. This has led to advertisers and marketers increasing their investments into online campaigns and improved cross-promotional efforts through other forms of media.

There is a lot of value in cross-promotion and Internet marketing companies are capitalizing on it more than ever before. Many companies have increased revenues by advertising their social networking accounts via print ads and television commercials. With the advent of mobile applications for Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms, users are able to interact instantly and from virtually anywhere in the world.

Internet marketers should consider cross-promotional efforts with offline outlets to raise greater awareness of their Web presence. There is even greater value when incentives are offered to consumers that utilize social media. Online-exclusive discounts, coupons or rewards are all beneficial to businesses that are looking to enhance their social networking profiles and convert page views into sales. The future of both Internet marketing and traditional offline advertising are very likely to become more closely integrated in the years to come and businesses that take advantage of the social trend are almost certain to see the most growth online.