BillMyParents®, the online teen payment solutions division of Socialwise, Inc., announced today that they are partnering with three major action sports retailers for their Supervised Shopping™ program. BillMyParents has been selective in demographics when selecting partnerships as they are targeting sites where teens browse and shop online. The retail partners represent over $1 billion in annual sales from millions of online consumers and over 900 retail locations nationwide.

As part of the agreement, the retailers will promote BillMyParents to their existing consumer base which is expected to generate 20 million impressions per month for the BillMyParents branded shopping buttons. While full details have not been disclosed, further information, including the retailer sites, is expected to be released in July and early August. Currently being implemented, BillMyParnets will be launching on the retailers’ websites from here forward. When browsing a partner retail site, teens will see a branded BillMyParents® payment button next to individual items, allowing them to initiate a purchase in seconds.

BillMyParents provides innovative and simple payment solutions for teens and their parents. When using the Supervised Shopping™ program, teens safely shop online on partner retail sites and click on the BillMyParents payment. Selections are sent right away by email to parents, who can easily manage and approve requests. The system ensures security of private financial data as teens and merchants never see parents’ credit card information. Teens’ spending accounts can be loaded with money in advance or on a regular basis, just like an allowance.

These strategic partnerships are the latest in a series of moves targeting action sports-specific teen participants and enthusiasts. In April of this year, Socialwise announced the signing of high-profile endorsement deals with action sports and entertainment stars Rob Dyrdek, Travis Pastrana and Ryan Sheckler.

Jim Collas, President and CEO of BillMyParents, commented, “The action sports market has a tremendous influence within teens’ lifestyles and trends,” Mr. Collas continued, “The credibility of the athletes we’ve signed and the retailers we’re partnering with (well-known retailers teens use on a regular basis) signifies our commitment to bringing our payment solutions directly to where tweens and teens like to shop.”

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