Software improvements in the iOS 5 and iCloud will be the defining characteristics of Apple iPhone 5, not any hardware feature, according to analysts.

Apple is set to unleash the massive computing power stored up in its brand new data center in Maiden, North Carolina to make the next generation iPhone a drastically new experience for consumers.

At the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco on Monday, iconic CEO Steve Jobs will unveil the Mac OS 10.7, codenamed 'Lion', as well as the iOS 5 in what will be the most important software launches from Apple in recent times.

Apple fans worldwide are expectantly waiting for the developer conference to kick off, where the consumer technology giant will unveil a combination of technologies that will redefine the way iPhone, Mac and iPad will work in future. In iOS 5 Apple has a revamped and futuristic platform which will serve also as the mobile operating system for iPad an iPod touch.

According to analysts, the new software upgradations on the iPhone 5 will narrow the gap it has got with Macs and iPad and will go a long way in syncing all of them together.

The updated iOS 5 will present a thoroughly revamped software platform for the iPhone, while Apple's iCloud service will give users access to data and services directly streamed from the Apple servers.

The iCloud will lend the next generation iPhone revolutionary features, according to The combination of computer power upgraded platform will allow users to exploit and take advantage of streaming both music and video and get the digital locker service which will be a big step forward for iPhone users.

Apple has taken full control of the domain as it prepares to unveil a totally fresh cloud service product though it has had similar attempts in the past. Apple reportedly paid Swedish firm Xcerion $4.5 million to get the domain name.