Solanex Management Inc. announced today that Mr. Luis Mora has accepted a position on the company’s Board of Directors. Currently residing in Barcelona Spain, Mr. Mora has during the past five years researched and negotiated with municipalities throughout Mexico for the implementation of waste to energy facilities. Mr. Mora’s knowledge of the Mexican and Central American regions’ political and socio-economic practices will be invaluable to Solanex’s efforts in Central America.

The company was also pleased to announce that it has received a proposal for the due diligence of the waste to energy technology previously announced. The proposal includes a complete peer review of the technology, including the scope of the technology, the modular aspect of the technology, the upper and lower size limits of the technology, the requirements from the host (municipality) for the project to succeed, the “project variables” for a given range of plant sizes, and more. The peer review is expected to be completed prior to the closing date of October 21, 2009.

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