Solanex Management Inc. is a technology company that designs and manufactures Thermal Destructors and Steam Injection Systems. The company also has a division devoted to investing in outside business opportunities, with an emphasis on environmentally friendly technologies.

The company’s Thermal Destructor is a mobile system used to clean soil that has been contaminated with pollutants. The system sterilizes soil by using a gas-fired combustion chamber and a liquid scrubber, and is effective in cleaning up oil from well sites.

The Steam Injection System is a steam generation device that is used to inject steam into the ground in order to assist in the production of hydrocarbons from heavy oil or oil sands projects. The system can also be used in tertiary recovery efforts on mature wells that can no longer produce on their own. The company’s device is portable and is powered by flexible fuel sources.

Solanex Management Inc recently signed a letter of intent to purchase technology from Alten Power Corporation involving waste to energy conversion. The technology will allow the processing of Municipal Solid Waste into energy. According to the agreement, Solanex will pay $200,000 cash and 3 million common shares for the technology.

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