Solanex Management Inc., a Nevada company specializing in the application of steam technologies, offers a unique way to help the industry and the environment. The company has obtained the right to manufacture, market, and sell what is called the Thermal Destructor, a self-contained, mobile system for the cleaning of sites, such as abandoned oil well sites, contaminated with hydrocarbons. The product consists of a high-efficiency combustion chamber, together with an advanced air scrubbing system that effectively breaks down all hydrocarbon residues by combusting them, returning sterile, cleaned soil and clay back to the environment. Solanex provides the technology for site cleanup services through an agreement with ecoTECH Waste Management Systems.

In addition, the company also offers the oil industry a Steam Injection System, being developed for use in the oil sands and shale-heavy oil mining industry. It utilizes knowledge gained from the development of the Thermal Destructor to create an easy to deploy steam generation system, for use in oil fields where high-pressure steam can be injected into the oil formation to soften material in which oil is trapped to help separate it from the earth. The steam simultaneously creates channels through which oil can flow to the well. The approach is valuable for wells that have already been exhausted via primary and secondary means of oil retrieval.

The Steam Injection System is especially well suited for companies in the bitumen/heavy oil exploitation business. Bitumen is a semi-solid tar-like form of oil that doesn’t flow at normal temperatures and pressures, and cannot be produced from a well without heating or dilution. Steam is a logical solution. High pressure steam can be injected into the oil sands over the course of several weeks, softening the bitumen and separating it from the sands while creating channels for the liquefied bitumen to flow to the well. Monthly cycles of steam injection can be used to continue production on a regular basis.

Existing steam application systems usually involve large stationary structures that are very expensive, and with a finite range due to pumping and piping limitations. The Solanex solution offers a number of advantages over conventional systems:

• Portability
• Lower Cost
• Higher Efficiency
• Fuel Flexibility

As a result, the Solanex Steam Injection System can be used to recover heavy oil from shale deposits not previously viable.

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