Solar Energy Initiatives, Inc. this morning announced that it has signed a Financing and Joint Marketing Agreement with a Municipal financial services company located in the Western U.S. This agreement mandates that the financial services institution exclusively market Solar Energy Initiatives solar solutions to over 100,000 municipalities.

According to the terms of the agreement, the financial institution will also have the ability to provide project based financing for any contract that it brings to Solar Energy Initiatives. Solar Energy Initiatives receives revenues from the sale of the solar equipment as well as the sale of the generated energy sold to the municipality, recognizing energy sales over a 20–25 year contract period.

“Solar Energy Initiatives is very pleased to have secured a prominent partner in our efforts to RENEW THE NATION and provide solar energy to municipalities throughout the United States,” stated David Fann, Chief Executive Officer of Solar Energy Initiatives. “Being granted exclusive access to a vast amount of potential new projects represents a significant opportunity to our already strong project pipeline. Management is confident that our low cost, high return solar energy solutions coupled with the potential 100,000 additional projects will result in a significant increase of new contract awards in 2010.”

Greg Bakeman, President and Chief Financial Officer, commented, “The potential to secure such a vast amount of new and profitable municipal contracts is a momentous opportunity for the company. SNRY believes that its proven ability to secure similar contracts in the past will allow us to capitalize on this potentially paradigm shifting venture. The Company looks forward to showcasing the benefits of its energy solutions and believes this agreement is a significant step towards increased revenue, expanded market presence and increased shareholder value in the near future.”

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