Solar Energy Initiatives, Inc. announced a strategic supply agreement today with US-based solar and water heating system manufacturer AET (Alternate Energy Technologies, LLC).

Solar Energy Initiatives is a broad spectrum solar solutions provider with three main operating segments: the Project Services Group (PSG), which develops municipal and commercial scale solar solutions; the SolarEos Group, which educates trade professionals in the solar industry; and the Integrated Supply Group (ISG), which handles wholesale distribution of thermal and photovoltaic (PV) systems in the US and Caribbean.

CEO of SNRY David Fann noted plans to distribute AET’s Eagle Sun™ and Morningstar™ systems via its SNRY Solar operating group, and outlined the complementary nature this relationship with AET had with Solar Energy Initiatives’ PV business model.

Fann went on to praise AET as one of the finest flat plate solar thermal collector manufacturers in the US, citing their tested and proven array of over 30 collectors and 120 systems, and their pioneer status in the rapidly growing solar water heating market, by saying that AET’s “strong reputation and long-standing success manufacturing high quality thermal collectors and water heating systems” was a natural fit for SNRY’s distribution division and network of dealers.

US Department of Energy data indicates that hot water ranks #3 among costs to home owners, a clear indication of the market potential of solar water heating systems – a value expressed quite plainly in moves by many states like Hawaii, Colorado and New York to adopt policies which prompt or even require such systems.

President of AET Billy Byrom welcomed SNRY Solar as a supply chain partner, extolling the “value they bring to solar contractors”, from tech support to training, as well as the strong vision of Solar Energy Initiatives’ management to carve out a slice of the solar water heating pie.

Solar Energy Initiatives is dedicated to restoring economic stability to the economy through its grassroots Renew the Nation campaign, which promotes solar energy and also operates the widely trafficked, an online platform generating both awareness and consumer interest.