Solar Energy Limited, known for its pursuit of researching and developing eco-friendly renewable energy sources and technical solutions for mitigating the environmental impact of traditional energy production systems, revealed today the direction of concerted efforts towards capitalizing on two newly identified opportunities which are consistent with an overall strategic shift of forward momentum towards growth into renewable energy and other, high-ROI market sectors.

With over a decade of experience in a vast array of innovative and technically cutting-edge R&D projects under its belt, Solar Energy is now confidently moving forward with a bold growth strategy contingent only on the capital acquisition required to finance business plans, by growing into highly profitable avenues of complimentary expertise like direct-to-customer solar solutions and mineral exploration.

The first opportunity is entry into an agreement with Solar Electric (formerly Discover Power), a private solar solutions provider of over 15 years, to settle management contracts with the proprietors, to acquire assets, and to set up a franchise of outlets whose business will be to custom design and install solar systems for commercial and residential customers.

Such a retail solar outlet will address explosive demand for such systems in the relevant markets, streamlining the process for the customer by handling all the technical aspects of the design and implementation process, while also handling the back-end paperwork for buybacks with the utilities, or government rebates and grants.

The second promising opportunity is to acquire, via financing, a large alluvial gold prospect in Tanzania from Pelaton Mining, Inc., for an estimated $3M to cover facility installation on the site, which has $2.1M invested in exploration costs (for which a standard report, 43.101, is available), and which is projected to generate 1 gm/m3 per day from a 4000 m3 per day processing capacity.

With ongoing solid-state fusion efforts at D2Fusion, Inc., and marine CO2 sequestration via a proprietary iron fertilization process research underway at Planktos, Inc., Solar Energy is well-positioned to generate substantial return on investment for its shareholders in this evolving marketplace.