Solonex Management Inc. is engaged in developing, manufacturing, marketing and selling alternative, renewable and waste energy technologies. The company is focused on two products currently – the Thermal Destructor and the Steam Injection System.

The company’s Thermal Destructor is a self contained soil residue combustion system designed to clean contaminated sites by sterilizing the soil. The device consists of a high-efficiency, waste or gas-fired combustion chamber and a new generation scrubber which traps pollutants in air emissions. Applications would include cleaning hydrocarbon spills at the end of the life of a producing well.

Solonex’s Steam Injection System is a derivative technology of the Thermal Destructor. It utilizes knowledge gained from the development of the Thermal Destructor to create a quick deployment, mobile, high temperature and high pressure steam generation unit system.

The company’s Steam Injection System is being developed for use by the oil sands and shale-heavy oil mining industry. The system is designed specifically for use in oil fields where high-pressure steam can be injected into the oil formation to soften the material in which the oil is trapped and to help dilute and separate heavy oil from the earth. The injection of steam under high pressure also creates channels and cracks through which the oil can flow to the well – a tertiary oil recovery method.

The economic costs involved in getting oil from oil sands or bitumen and also from shale are very high and these expenses have continued to climb over the past several years. However, high energy prices should continue to provide an incentive for the development of these alternative oil sources.

Solonex’s Steam Injection System offers companies operating in these industries a viable alternative. The company’s Steam Injection System offers several advantages compared to current steam generation systems. These advantages include: portability, the lower cost to manufacture, the flexibility of the “fuel” required to generate steam and the efficiency of the burner in the system. The company hopes to attract customers for this product in the near future.