Rovio Entertainment has teamed up with Sega for the latest update of “Angry Birds Epic,” which brings classic gaming icon Sonic the Hedgehog to the mobile roleplaying game (RPG) for a limited time. This is part of a crossover between the two companies, as some of the Angry Birds will also be appearing in “Sonic Dash” for a limited time. 

The latest update will allow players to unlock Sonic and be part of their party, as they take on the blue hedgehog’s classic nemesis Dr. Eggman. He is not alone, however, as Pocket Gamer reported that he would be bringing his robot army with him, and it is up to Sonic and the Angry Birds to stop him in this epic crossover.

As part of the crossover, most of the robot enemies that players will take on are part of the “Sonic Dash” mobile game. Fans of the infinite runner will recognize the robot crabs and mechanical piranhas as constant obstacles from Sega’s mobile hit. Now they can actually be fought and beaten down by Sonic and the Angry Birds, which could result in some exciting battles.

Rovio has also announced that there would be a new Golden Pig Dungeon in this update as well as a new mini-map to explore, filled with a ton of new loot to get. All of these are also limited, so fans, who want to get exclusive equipment or explore some of the new levels, better download the update soon, as this is the only chance to get them.

Other more permanent improvements to the game include a new “Illusionist” class for Chuck and all the birds being able to reach level 50. The Master Class of the party members can also be leveled up to 12 now.

The update for “Angry Birds Epic” is now available for free on the iTunes App Store, Google Play and the Windows Phone Store. 

Angry Birds Epic: Sonic Dash Upcoming Event (Credit: YouTube/