Jury (Michael Shamus Wiles) is dead, Bobby (Mark Boone Junior) is currently missing an eye and five fingers and Abel (Ryder London) knows his grandmother is the one who killed his step-mom -- yeah, it’s pretty safe to say Kurt Sutter, creator of “Sons of Anarchy,” isn’t holding back when it comes to the seventh and final season of the FX series. And if fans thought Bobby’s mutilation was hard to watch, just wait until episode 9, “What a Piece of Work is Man,” airs Tuesday, Nov. 4.

According to the episode's sparse synopsis, fans can anticipate Jax (Charlie Hunnam) and the rest of the Charming motorcycle club to come face-to-face with an internal conflict during next week’s installment. And from the episode promo photos, you can tell things in the SAMCRO club house are going to get pretty tense.

sons of anarchy season 7 spoilers Chibs (Tommy Flanagan) relaxes with a smoke in episode 9 of Season 7 as things start to get tense on "Sons of Anarchy." Photo: FX

sons of anarchy season 7 spoilers Tigs (Kim Coates) tries to keep his composure in Season 7, episode 9 of "Sons of Anarchy." Photo: FX

sons of anarchy season 7 spoilers "Sons of Anarchy" will feature the SAMCRO club, including Chibs (Tommy Flanagan, left) and Jax (Charlie Hunnam, right), attempting to sort out internal affairs within their group in Season 7, episode 9. Photo: FX

Before Jax killed Jury for alleged treachery, the leader of the Indian Hills charter revealed something suspicious. He said that although he wanted to see Jax dead for killing his son in the Lin gun/drug raid, he confessed that it wasn’t him who betrayed the Sons. “I wanted you dead, Jackson. But I’m no rat. I didn’t tell Lin s---,” Jury claimed.

Jax, however, didn't believe his old friend and instead he pulled out his gun on Jury, shooting him dead. But not before Jury had the chance to say a few last stinging words. “You had the chance to be something good for this club. Something your old man always wanted,” Jury said, mentioning the late John Teller. “But you turned into everything he hated. You became the poison.”

Was it just us or did Jury seem pretty level headed? That made viewers wonder if it was really him who ratted on SAMCRO. And if it wasn't, then who? It was theorized that Tyler (Mo McRae), leader of the One-Niners, might be the one responsible for snitching on the leather-donning bikers. After all, he is a part of their alliance, which would make his betrayal an internal issue. Not to mention, Tyler has a front row seat at the destruction Marks can cause. We wouldn't blame him if he wanted to get back on Marks' good side -- that is, if he can find it.

sons of anarchy season 7 spoilers Could Tyler (Mo McRae) have been the one to rat on the Sons? Photo: FX

Who do you think is the snitch? Sound off in the comments section below and check out the promo photos for episode 9 that tease what’s next for “Sons of Anarchy” when “What a Piece of Work is Man” airs Tuesday, Nov. 4, at 10 p.m. EST.