Is anyone else experiencing “Sons of Anarchy” withdrawal? It seems like we’ve been waiting forever for the seventh and final season of “SOA,” and we have to admit … we’re going a bit crazy waiting for Kurt Sutter to reveal what will happen when Jax finally learns the truth about  Tara’s death. Note: we don’t think it’s going to be pretty.

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But there's a silver lining to Tara’s brutal demise. According to E! Online, “Sons of Anarchy” will add a slew of new characters to its cast after Sutter killed off a majority of his protagonists in Season 6.

When “Sons of Anarchy” returns for Season 7, viewers should prepare themselves to welcome the new characters to Charming, including a “soldier who doesn’t put up with bulls---, an imposing jail guard and Alice Johnson, an uptight sheriff with an edgy sense of humor.”

Although none of these newbies could ever replace Clay Morrow, the late former president of the Son’s Motorcycle Club, or Jax’s beloved wife, they can help heal our broken hearts from the loss of “SOA’s” best.

Prior to this announcement, Sutter revealed on his YouTube series “WTFSutter” that he was contemplating bringing back a few characters from “SOA's” past.

There's a “couple new characters we haven’t cast yet," he said on "WTFSutter." "We’re still feeling it out. Bringing back people I love to work with. Emilio (Rivera) will be back. I love that guy. And Billy Brown. I don’t know if I shared this. Robert Patrick, we had him on last season for a little cameo. I dig Robert. He’s a real-life biker. We’re going to try and spin a little story around him. So, that’s a little bit of news.”

Sutter also said that David Labrava, Niko Nicotera and Drea DeMatteo would return to Season 7 as series regulars.

“The opening credits will change a little bit, which is always fun,” he added.

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