Could “Sons of Anarchy” be adding another leather-donning member to their crew of outlaws? Well, according to rumors, fans of the FX series should be expecting a new and well known addition to the gang of SAMCRO boys come Season 7—but who?

During an interview with creator Kurt Sutters, the writer/actor admitted that if he was given the chance to work alongside any artist, he would chose Aaron Paul from “Breaking Bad.” And rightfully so! The Emmy winning actor is as talented as he is personable. We could totally see why Sutters would be inclined to work with him. But after that seemingly innocent comment, rumors flooded the Internet and fans began concocting the wildest predictions of what was going to happen when the show returned for its last season. Oh yeah, we’re talking an “SOA,” ‘Breaking Bad” mash up rumor.

"Why the web is fab: I'm asked, name an actor I'd like to work with. I say @aaronpaul_8. Now apparently he's Jax's long lost brother in S7," Sutter tweeted.

Now that’s a rumor we could get behind! Two rebellious blonds taking the world by storm? Talk about a ratings booster!

Shortly after Sutters tweet, Paul responded to the gossip in his typical witty fashion.

"Wait a that not true??? I was getting really excited about making some serious stuff happen. Ps. I love you,” he wrote.

The love fest continued as Sutters replied back, “‘Love backatcha, brother.”

Although FX declined to comment on the subject of Paul hopping on a Harley, we’ll go out on a limb and say this rumors most likely aren't true.

What do you think of the rumors regarding Paul joining “SOA”? Do you think his “Need for Speed” skills would make him a viable candidate to portray Jax’s brother? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and don’t forget to tune into “Sons of Anarchy” when the boys return to FX in the fall of 2014.