With the E3 gaming conference in Los Angeles having just passed last week, the gaming community is still in an uproar but not over new games or consoles.  It's currently caught in the crossfire of a hacker civil war between two prominent hacker groups, Lulzsec and Anonymous. A conflict that is almost beginning to look like a story straight out of a Scorsese film. 

Since May, online gaming networks have been under attack by hackers looking to hurt one another by disrupting one of their favorite hobbies -video games.

A disagreement over video games is thought to have actually started the fight, according to Gizmodo. With most of the attacks being perpetrated by Lulzsec, Anonymous finally drew the line on Tuesday and Wednesday when Lulzsec launched multiple attacks against a website frequented by anonymous members, the online forum 4chan.

Since the attack, members of anonymous have been on a virtual manhunt to search out the identities of Lulzsec members.  One anonymous person even posted a message on the 4chan forum on Tuesday for anyone who discovers their identities to report them to the FBI.  Something the FBI is probably glad to hear since they too were also a victim of a Lulzsec attack.

With a large portion of the 4chan hacker community turning on Lulzsec, the video game companies and their millions of online users are probably taking a deep breath hoping the conflict soon comes to an end. The online conflicts between hackers are nothing new though.  But the recent conflict is probably one of the most prominent, due to the collateral damage it has left in its wake.
Yet as they say in the Godfather, the conflicts are good once in a while because it helps to get rid of the bad blood.

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